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Hello, I am Donna Stephens and welcome to Pilates Vision Evolved!

Most of us are familiar with the terms “core” and “fitness” used in the pursuit of transforming our bodies. Yet changing the outside cannot transform the core of who we are inside. Self -esteem comes with wellness of mind, heart, body and soul.

There is an evolution of consciousness emerging in our world. It’s remembering Spirit IS part of your body and mind. Spirit is Love, Wholeness and Brilliance. You are created with those very energies, it is the essence of who you are.

Reiki is Spirit. Spirit energy awakens you to Wholeness.  Reiki sessions and Reiki infused Pilates practice aligns, strengthens, and empowers you, your body and your mind to Spirit, the core of your Being. Receiving Reiki, you will feel centered, grounded and confident in the world.

Fitness is the strengthening of our awareness, evolving our consciousness, and deepening our ability to embody and embrace Spirit.

As you awaken to Spirit, you become more aware and confident of your ability to let go of old thoughts, beliefs and ways of being, opening you to your greater potential. This is the process of enlightenment.

This heart centered practice embraces every person no matter where they are on their journey. All shapes and sizes, ages and abilities. From strengthening your body to laying down for rejuvenation, Spirit IS your body and mind. Remembering feels like home; the bridge to transformation.

Healing is cocooning, an opportunity to restore, repair and rebuild. And yet the deeper calling is the remembering the effortlessness of our Spirit. A caterpillar is a butterfly in disguise. Quit judging what you see, remember who you are, remember that you are free. Spirit is our body and mind. It’s time to remember your wings, your brilliance. Take off the disguise and taste the nectar of freedom Butterfly.

– Donna Stephens


Reiki and Reiki Infused Pilates Practice

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