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About Me

My passion is being of service to others

This is Zoey, whose eyes and heart are full of wonder, love and awe!

We share a passion for hiking. She reminds me that it does not matter if it’s rain or snowing, JOY is measured in perception, not precipitation!

Hello! I am Donna Stephens and I am the creator of Pilates Vision Evolved. My inspiration comes from an evolution of consciousness that is emerging in our world. We are Spirit, Whole and Brilliant. My aspiration is for you to KNOW and embody the richness and perfection you are.

Most of us have forgotten and think our Spirit is “out there” while we are having a human experience right here. As a little girl I knew I was part of Spirit. I sensed Spirit all around me, in nature, in animals, and in people. Yet growing up, the tug to follow the collective consciousness and gain social acceptance had a strong pull. The world left me feeling flawed and incomplete. I had to try harder, work harder, do more, get more to achieve worthiness in the eyes of this world.

Between feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed in life, I had moments of joy, peace, appreciation, and contentment that would flow over but not fill a hole, an emptiness deep within me. It dawned on me I had spent all my time and effort working at filling the hole but I never spent time inside it. Did I assume it was a dark, ugly part of me? Was I trying to cover it over rather than fill it? Curiosity allowed me to ask questions without prejudging or making assumptions, and this would quiet my mind. In that silent reprieve there was a stirring inside me that I embraced; it felt familiar yet unknown.

I began to notice the preciousness of simple moments. The sunset, a bird’s song, a stranger’s smile were amplified with beauty and richness. The stirring became an awakening within me. New insights shined rays of enlightenment. Spirit was tugging my awareness back to my wholeness, my innate beauty and brilliance. Liberation was remembering Spirit was my body and mind. It’s the gift of Love, the gift of Life and Wholeness, and I hold you in this KNOWING until you remember, too.

A caterpillar is a butterfly in disguise. Quit judging what you see, remember who you are, remember that you are free. Spirit is our body and mind. It’s time to remember your wings, your brilliance. Take off the disguise and taste the nectar of freedom Butterfly.

I have over 20 years of experience and hold multiple certifications in the fitness field and energy work. I have been featured in Cooking Light Magazine and Seattle’s KIRO TV Morning Live. I KNOW that we are each whole and complete. My passion is for you to Know and feel this truth too. Reiki is Sprit, Spirit is Love. My joy is offering Reiki sessions and infusing Reiki into your Pilates practice. This heart centered practice embraces every person no matter where they are on their journey. All shapes and sizes, older, younger, novice to athlete. From focusing on strengthening your body to laying down for rejuvenation, this is for the Love of you.


My credentials

  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Certified Stott Pilate Instructor, (in Mat work, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels, Injuries and Special Populations, Halo Training and Functional Anatomy)
  • Certified A.C.E. (American Council of Exercise) Personal Trainer, Group Trainer
  • TRX Qualified – Suspension Training, Functional Training, Group Training, Rip Training
  • Trained in Merrithew™ Fascial Movement
  • Muscle Activation Techniques – Certified in the “Jumpstart” program,
  • Z Health – Movement Reeducation Specialist, Movement Integration Specialist, Movement Performance Specialist, 9S Sustenance and Spirit
  • Heartmath™ – Heart Facilitator
  • Certified Restorative Touch Practitioner™

Reiki and Reiki Infused Pilates Practice

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