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BE Anchored in Supportive Earth Energy

by | Feb 3, 2021 | The Well - Meditation Series | 0 comments

Hi I’m Donna Stephens and welcome to “The Well” to BE anchored in Earth’s supportive energy called Ground Reaction Force. It supports our body’s structure which in turn is supportive to our mind and spirit. Here’s how it works when you are standing up.

The earth has two opposing forces, gravity that pulls the apple down from the tree and Ground Reaction Force (GRF) that pushes back causing the apple bounce when it hits the ground. Another example is jumping down on a diving board to spring back up!

This springy energy is available to us by intentionally pressing into the earth for it to push back up into our body from the ground up.

So in standing notice where your weight is under your feet and shift your weight forward as though you were gently or barely pressing down on two gas pedals or brake pedals, nothing more. Your heels are on the floor, your weight is slightly more in front of the arch of your foot, weight across the ball of the foot.

This allows Ground Reaction Force to naturally lengthening our body from the ground up, like the quality of a rubber band as it lengthens it holds and carries lots of energy. So your muscles no longer have to work so hard to hold you up, making standing more efficient and effortless.

So BE anchored in Earth’s supportive energy throughout the day!


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