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BE Inspired with Your Breath

by | Feb 3, 2021 | The Well - Meditation Series | 0 comments

Hi I’m Donna Stephens and welcome to The Well to BE Inspired. Allowing our breath to replenish, revitalize and sustain us.

The way we breathe can either support our well-being or amplify stress in our mind and body. Our breath affects and reflects the quality of our BEing moment to moment.

Stress causes your breath to become shallow and rapid, pulling air into the upper lungs. This breath pattern makes your body tense and makes your mind difficult to concentrate, which creates more stress. Breathing in through your nose, pulls air into lower lungs which creates calmness and clarity.

So find a place we can take a few minutes to connect to your source of inspiration and well-being, your breath.

Get comfortable as you can and close your eyes. Start with slow and gentle breaths to soften any tension in your face neck shoulders and chest. Take a long exhale, a sigh, even a yawn. This creates space for your next breath flow in. Now gently inhale through the tip of your nose as if you were coaxing a feather towards your face. Feel and follow your breath flowing down the back of your throat, to your heart and lower lobes of your lungs. Exhale naturally through your nose or mouth. Let your lower abdominals rise and fall with your breath. Breathing in through the tip of your nose let your breath flow down to your heart the lower lobes of your lungs and exhale.

Feel the rhythm of your breath like waves on the beach flowing in flowing out. Flowing in and flowing out. And like the crest of a wave it’s the transfer of uplifting, replenishing energy from your inhale to exhale. And like a wave your breath is fluid and rhythmic, in through your nose to the lower lobes of your lungs and then exhale.

Know that you can place your attention on your breath and transmute what no longer serves you. Inhale what you do want to release (tension, frustration…) and exhale, let it go. And/or you can intentionalize your breath to what you do want, what do you need (peace, centering, patience…) breathe it in and exhale and let it flow to every cell in your body.

Breath is our internal source of transmuting energy and emotions, replenishing and revitalizing and sustaining our well-being. BE Inspired!


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