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There is an unseen but for real force of good that works beyond our understanding that blesses us and hold us together whenever we need to be lifted the unseen force is love faith and hope and anytime you can breathe into that remember that because it’s always there.

It is easy to forget in the face of battle or battening down the hatches but remember something you may not see is still present like the lingering feeling of a child’s hug love. Faith is confidence trust or believe we have in this moment now. Hope is the desire for things to change for the better a possible future. These forces sustain us they lift us just breathe into that and remember that because it’s always there.

Find a place where you can take a few minutes for yourself. Get comfortable as you can, take a deep breath and a long exhale it could a sigh it could be a yawn.
And create a rhythm of breath flowing in flowing out. In through the tips of your nose, towards your heart and a long exhale.  Flowing in and flowing out. Let your mind and your body follow your breath into this moment.

Feel your heart gently expand and as you inhale feel it softening as you exhaling. Feel your heart gently opening and as you inhale, feel it brightening as you exhaling. Feel the rhythm of your breath the rhythm of your heart. BE in the gentle yet powerful presence of Love.  It’s within you and all around you. BE lifted in faith in this moment. Be lifted in hope for a better future. 

Allow these unseen forces flow into your mind and your thoughts, into your body, your awareness.

Take a deep breath and place your hands on your heart. And FEEL these powerful unseen forces.  They are within you and all around you.
Know you can breathe that, remember that because they are always there.


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