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BE Moved – with a simple shoulder stretch!

by | Feb 3, 2021 | The Well - Meditation Series | 0 comments

Stress, demands and responsibilities can weighs us down. Many of us carry that weight on our shoulders physically and energetically.

BE Moved with a simple shoulder stretch.

Imagine you’re wearing a T shirt and you want to take it off. Cross your arms as if you’re holding the bottom of the shirt and as you inhale pull the shirt up towards your head. Then exhale let your arms relax to your sides. Nothing more.

Inhale pull a T shirt up towards your head and allow your shoulder blades and underarms guide your arms forward of your midline.

This puts your shoulders in a more natural position. Instead of rounded forward or pulled way back. Hiked up or dumped down. This stretch also gently lifts your ribcage away from your lungs. Which allows us to move better, breathe better and feel better!

You can do this stretch standing or sit at the edge of a chair.
BE Moved with a simple shoulder stretch!


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