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Be Thankful…

by | Feb 3, 2021 | The Well - Meditation Series | 0 comments

Hi! I’m Donna Stephens and welcome to TheWell, to BE Thankful.
Yes it’s Thanksgiving time where we focus our gratitude for people in our lives and things we have, which is important. But most of us tend to ignore or forget about BEing grateful and thankful for who we are.
So let’s do it now! A BE Thankful for Being you meditation. Find a place where you can take a few minutes for yourself and then close your eyes. Start with a long exhale (even a sigh) then create a gently rhythm of breath in and out through your nose. Flowing in and flowing out.

Allow your mind and body to follow your breathe into the present moment, and just stay with your breath as it flows in and out.

Now gently bring your breath into your heart. And as you inhale feel your heart expand and as you exhale feel your heart soften. Inhale feel your heart expand and exhale feel it soften. Just relax into the rhythm of your breath, the rhythm of your heart. This is you, your presence, your radiance, your source within you. It’s like taking a warm, inviting blanket and wrapping it around you. Warm and soft. Snuggly and safe. And feel the thankfulness of Being you.

And as you stay with the flow of your breath and the openness of your heart, breathe in the words “thank you” and as you exhale feel your love and radiance flow into your mind and body. Even deeper, to your body your mind, your spirit.

And let your heart smile, and let the smile flow up into your face and into eyes.
And BE thankful for Being you. And take a deep breath and only when your ready, gently open your eyes and feel that smile in your heart, smile on your face and let that smile flow through your eyes from you to the world.
BE Thankful for Being you!


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