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bliss massage ith energy work

One of the many things I appreciate about working with Donna is that I develop an intimate relationship with my whole self – body, mind, and spirit. Donna brings her entire presence to her work. She is a trusted guide who listens deeply and tunes in to what I need and seamlessly weaves in her skills and knowledge: from Pilate and TRX, to heart meditation and Reiki. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone who wants more health, aliveness and joy.

Client for 18+ years Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

You will find Donna’s picture next to the definition of holistic. I have been fortunate to have been a client for twenty years. Donna’s exemplary ability to be present and listen to her clients sparked her desire to explore the organic connections of restorative teachings, and energy medicine and how they integrate with the core work of Pilates, resistance and strength training. As health, technology, and science continue to coalesce and change, Donna constantly searches for more knowledge to bridge the gaps and guide her clients to whatever goals they may have. Whenever she takes a class or reads a book I know I will be learning about myofascia release, or my balance, or self-healing, or advanced techniques to improve walking or posture, or whatever new information she has learned!

If you are not sure where you want to go, but you know you want to make a change, she has the uncanny skill to ask you questions that help you define what you want… and then she will design a program to accomplish those goals.

When I started with Donna I thought it would only take me three months to transform my forty year old body back into the 20 year old diva I had been. I knew nothing! Thank goodness I never got back to the diva but instead, twenty years later, I am strong. I have great energy. Donna helped me through breast cancer with stress reduction techniques and powerful mind exercises. I have done 35 half marathons in the last five years. I embrace the holistic connections that elevate Donna’s practice to unparalleled levels of wellness. She is the best!

Cathy C.
Client for 20+ years, Tacoma WA

bliss massage ith energy work

I’ve been training with Donna for almost two decades. She has the knowledge and ability to lead challenging workouts, but she has consistently shown concern for, and ability to adapt to my limitations as I age…while still working the heck out of me when I need it! Even though she has been Pilates certified for years, she regularly takes classes every few months to expand her knowledge. Donna is truly a professional, with a wise and caring soul, filled with determination and intention to make positive changes in life.

Randy Bahls
Client for 18+ years, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Donna Stephens has been my personal trainer for over 8 years. Her professional approach focuses on core strength, balance and flexibility. She tailors our workouts to be challenging while focusing on my needs. This approach has helped me to continue to enjoy hiking, golf and skiing. I would highly recommend Donna Stephens for anyone who would like to improve their fitness, mobility and activity.

Jim Schack
Client for 8+ years, Kent WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Donna~the Diva of Pilates! Her dedication & devotion is reflected in her on-going pursuit of mind-body fitness techniques. Her ability to modify & offer alternative approached, coupled with her effervescent personality, makes her classes fun-filled and rewarding!

Rachel Tyndall
Class Member, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Donna has helped me in many ways. As a recreational athlete, Donna has been there to keep me active for over 8 years. My balance of full-time work responsibilities and hobbies are at a higher level as a result of my personal training sessions. She challenges using a warm kind voice explaining each exercise clearly and upon improvement adds specific modifications to tailor to your needed skill set. Donna continues to keep her credentials current and takes on additional courses to improve as an instructor and pass forward to her clients. She refers to them as tools for our toolbox. The four-year Restorative Touch course Donna completed has been a breakthrough for me. My personality leans towards that of a frazzled person as the world kept asking more for less. Donna has added Restorative Touch to my training session which has been a great compliment. Restorative Touch aligns what she terms the chakras which I then leave with a positive refreshed inner strength.

Sue McClelland
Client for 8+ years, Maple Valley WA

bliss massage ith energy work

I am grateful to my workout friends who encouraged me to join them in Donna’s Pilates class, though I was skeptical as I had never done it and really didn’t know what it was. I am glad I pushed my comfort zone and tried it, as it is now my favorite workout of the week. I find that Pilates gives me a much different workout – which is better said – it gives me strength in areas that I don’t get from other types of workouts. I am in my thirties and don’t have a lot of “problem areas” and am not recovering from any injuries or surgeries, yet I still find that Pilates has improved my balance and flexibility. Also, and this is specifically due to Donna’s style of teaching Pilates, I have found that I am revived, relaxed, and happy when leaving her class.

Jessica Kelly
Class Member, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

I have been working with Donna for over two years now. Donna is a powerhouse of an individual and trainer, as well as a genuine pleasure to work with. She lightens up any space she occupies and is a natural at inspiring others. The passion and enthusiasm she brings is palpable.

She has taken me on an inspiring journey of not just sharing the wealth of her ever-expanding knowledge, but has also approached training with an awareness that mind-body-spirit are not separate entities. I have expanded so much personally from working with her, and consider it a real blessing to have her part of my team of mentors, trainers, and teachers.

Beth Atchison
Client for 2+ years, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

My first workout with Donna was April 2005. Before I began working out with Donna I did weights, abs and running. The first time I did a Pilates workout with Donna, my total core got a workout that made it clear that there was more to a workout than what I was doing! I began twice-weekly workouts with Donna and it has paid off. I enjoy many activities (skiing, hiking, golfing, biking, playing with grandchildren) and I am always physically fit to tackle any of my sports–at the top of my game! Another benefit to working out with Donna is that when I have an injury, she works me through it. Because of her knowledge of physicality and her ongoing, diverse studies she can do this without causing further injury. Donna’s greatest pleasure is seeing positive results from each of her client’s workouts.

Jackie Schack
Client 8+ years, Kent WA

bliss massage ith energy work

After years of neglect, I had several annoying issues that were rapidly catching up with me (difficulty with flexibility and balance; joint and back pain). Donna’s comprehensive knowledge of how the body’s musculoskeletal system works gave her th tools to develop a personalized plan for me that addressed each issue individually … and collectively. The journey to better wellbeing that continues to this day is greatly appreciated. Her ‘always-positive’ attitude doesn’t hurt either!

Daryl Bahls
Client for 15+ years, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

After my “heart event” my doctor recommended Cardio workouts as a way to lose some weight and to diminish risk in regard to belly fat. So, after speaking with staff at the Valley Medical Center Gym, they recommended Pilates as part of my exercise routine. I was hesitant at first, but decided to take the plunge…and I am happy I did. Since taking Donna’s Pilates class, I have firmed up my core. Even my daughter commented, “Wow Dad, you look flatter.” Nothing better than a daughter’s observation of success! During class, Donna is great about explaining the different ways each exercise can be modified slightly to achieve the same results and address any restrictions. I look forward to class each week because it does work.

Bruce Riedl
Class Member, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

I have been attending Donna’s Pilates classes for about 9 years. Donna is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Pilates and how it helps the entire body. She is articulate in her instructions on how to do an exercise. She is very thorough in explaining why we do an exercise. She is friendly, approachable and gives individual attention to those who need it. Since going to Donna’s class, I have not had back pain when I get up in the morning and when I do long/hikes walks. I highly recommend to anyone to take Donna’s classes.

Janet Tursich
Class Member for 8+ years, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

I have been fortunate enough to take Donna Stephen’s Pilates classes for over 10 years. In that time, Donna’s instruction has greatly improved my physical and mental well-being. She is an amazing teacher who is always in tune with the needs of her students. Her workouts are rigorous and relaxing at the same time. She helps us to remember that the key to successful exercises are “quality, not quantity,” and she provides varying degrees of difficulty for all levels of participants. I leave her classes feeling refreshed and strong.

Donna continues educating herself and integrates new ideas and techniques that challenge us to reach new levels of strength. Donna’s Pilates classes helped me develop a strong core, increased flexibility and balance, and muscular strength that transfers beautifully to other workouts. Donna helped me heal from a herniated disc, and always has great strategies for helping me overcome any aches or pains using myofascial release. I credit Donna with helping me become a stronger person, inside and out.

Emily Emiley
Class Member for 10+ years, Federal Way WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Pilates has made a huge difference in my life. At 73, I would not have the strength and flexibility which have enabled me to carry on with hiking, gardening, and biking without Donna’s consistent encouragement and leadership. She is always positive and generous with her vast knowledge of body mechanics. I would encourage anyone at any age to make a commitment to attend her Pilates classes. Donna’s classes are suitable for everyone. She has many adaptations for those of us who have arthritis or other health issues.

Janice Faris
Class Member, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Hello, my name is James. I have been working with Donna for years. Her class has helped me target my core so I can do other exercises such as weight lifting and conditioning of all kinds. I am not just saying it, but I participate in her class, it is very good for the body and soul. So in a personalized matter, I ask you to try it out.

James Roland
Class Member, Covington WA

bliss massage ith energy work

I have attended Donna’s pilates classes since 2008. She has always been very welcoming and shared her passion to help everyone and to ensure that their body is feeling well. During her classes, she is constantly talking about how to engage the core muscles which helps to activate this area. Then she provides ideas on how to generalize this connection during everyday activities. I always leave the classes feeling energized, yet relaxed and always restored. Another benefit to Donna and her classes is her ongoing enthusiasm and desire to learn more about the body through multiple continuing education courses. Regular ideas on additional exercises, modifications, or various “tools” help me to make adjustments in my ongoing exercise regime and in the pilates classes. Pilates is a wonderful exercise for everyone and Donna makes sure to adapt and modify the exercises for any level of flexibility, injury, or any “body”!

Nichie Lessard
Class Member for 6+ years, Issaquah WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Thanks to Donna, I am still able to walk without being restricted to a walker or cane. I’m a senior age 87 so this has been a wonderful thing for me.

She does such a wonderful job of setting up a program that makes you feel just great at the end of your session.

Try it, you to will be pleased with the results!!!

Betty Kilner
Client, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Excellent instructor of Pilates. I highly recommend Donna Stephens. Donna has helped to get my body to move in different planes of motion from stretching to ab work. My flexibility has improved, have built strength and developed control and endurance in my whole body. She has put emphasis on alignment, breathing and making me aware of my “core”.

Linda Steigleder Age 71
Class Member, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

At age eighteen, I was in a life-threatening auto accident where I suffered many broken bones and spent over four months in the hospital. My recovery was better than expected and in five years, I was able to play sports again if I was careful with conditioning. Life was good! Then in my early fifties, I began to notice a rapid decline in flexibility with very noticeable soft tissue and joint pain. I tried doctors, stretching, physical therapy, message, drugs and more, but my problems only became worse. At age fifty-five, I was finishing a series called Rolfing when the therapist mentioned Pilates and told me a class was available at Valley Medical center. Desperate, I enrolled over the phone that very day and little did I know that my physical luck and life outlook was about to change.

On my first class with Donna, I had the intuition that this program had real potential, so I decided to give it my best effort. The class was great, the other students were dedicated and I soon found myself asking her questions about exercises for my specific injuries. Donna gave me great advice, new advise that I put to use during her workouts. I was improving so quickly that I decided to become a client, taking private sessions every Friday morning and soon discovered new ways of stretching and working through my physical issues. As my pain became more manageable, she would come up with new exercises that would compliment the gains already made. After a few years of her guidance, I became physically and emotionally liberated from the pain and limitations of my past injuries, feeling good, more range of motion and getting stronger. I also benefit from Restorative Touch which she does at the end of each session. It helps me get in touch with the mental and emotional portion of personal healing.

The group Pilates, the private sessions and Restorative Touch turned out to be the perfect trifecta to give me back my health through excellence in health leadership. I am not only one of Donna Stephens’s clients; I am also a raving fan!

Dene LeBeau
Class Member & Client, Issaquah WA

bliss massage ith energy work

After having my prostate removal, I found Pilates to be a good tool for strengthening the core muscles and allowing for more normal long term function. The exercises are ones that I can use here or in a hotel when I’m on the road, thanks to Donna’s coaching.

Class Member, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

Donna has provided personal training services for me for over 5 years.

Her knowledge of musculoskeletal function is amazing! She can always recommend exercise techniques that correct my deficiencies and bring me back to balance.

I also appreciate her focus on overall health and wellness with an emphasis on balance for all aspects of physical and mental health.

My life has definitely been enhanced with Donna’s coaching.

Client for 5+ years, Renton WA

bliss massage ith energy work

I have been attending Donna’s Pilates classes for over 5 years. It is a true testament to her teaching when she is away and many class attendees choose not to participate when a substitute is teaching! She is very good about guiding us through the movements such that she will assist with modifications for those who need them, and never push anyone to do anything that is unsafe or uncomfortable. She also continues to enhance her knowledge by attending workshops and bringing fresh and new information to the classes. The sessions are not only physically beneficial for core strength and stabilization, Donna inspires us to use the time to strengthen our mental health as well. It’s very noticeable when I’ve missed a weekly class! I highly recommend Donna and her classes!

Julie S.
Class Member for 5+ Years, Kent WA

bliss massage ith energy work

My first Pilates class was with Donna at least 15 years ago, and I haven’t found anyone who teaches so skillfully since. She modifies the exercises for all levels and teaches good form. my core is strong today because of Donna’s Pilates class made it that way.

Dorothy Henry
Class Member for 15+ years, Renton WA

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