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“The Well” – Meditation Series and Inspiration

by | Feb 3, 2021 | The Well - Meditation Series | 0 comments

Hi I’m Donna Stephens and welcome to the Mindfulness series called “The Well”.
“The Well” alludes to well-being, a bottomless well of inspiration, a source from which something may be drawn as needed.
As I continue to share please take some deep breathes to pull your mind and body into this moment, because I want to remind you that there is no one else who can or will ever be YOU. Your expressions of kindness, of love, sadness, patience and compassion are intertwined with your presence and personal radiance.

In these challenging and turbulent times, this realization is easily buried under the burden of stress after stress and uncertainty. So there are gentle and simple ways to connect the well, the source within you, to replenish your cup that you give so much from.

Go to the Well to
BE Inspired (breathing exercises, tips and techniques)
BE Aligned (in our spine and our intentions)
BE Strengthened (choosing and practicing a simple, gentle mindful action throughout the day strengthens our well-being. Mindfulness is not being perfect or striving for perfection, it’s allowing ourselves to being open, playful and curious of what will be supportive to us.
BE Anchored (techniques to be grounding physically and mentally)
BE Moved (simple stretches and movements that are restorative and revitalizing)
BE Buoyed (uplifting, keeps someone afloat, cause to become cheerful or confident)

I Donna Stephens am a Reiki Master, Restorative Touch Practitioner, HeartMath Heart Facilitator, a Mind Body Pilates Instructor and a Personal Trainer. BE-ing of support to others is my passion.

So let’s start with the most important and impactful step:
Be Thankful for BE-ing of YOU!


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